Friday, November 14, 2014

My First Official Blog - Yikes!

OK so here first blog.  Honestly I have been a little intimidated by all this new social media stuff but I know it is now time to conquer my fears and just GO FOR IT!  I have so much to say, its hard to figure out just what to write!  Well for starters, lots of exciting stuff has been happening over the last several months....we now have a brand new logo, we've launched our online store, we got a new POS computer system in the store to help us track customer purchases better, we had a major facelift to our interior lighting with gorgeous chandeliers, we now have a Google Places Virtual Tour on Google maps, and not to mention we are continuously stocking our racks with interesting, feminine new looks for you to stay looking your best over the holidays...more photos and blogs on this to come! OK so gotta go get the store open for business now but I'll post again soon! Have a blessed day! : ) Marti